I know what you’re thinking. I was an idiot for calling for Johnson’s head on a platter, when he went and won the game back for us.

I’d like to say it was part of my strategy, but no. I was one of the many who was heartily sick and tired of him and his wayward bowling. And now that he seems to be up and firing again you’d be probably expecting me to be to be all over him like a cheap suit – praising him to the heavens. Well, no.

Yes, Johnson did well. His bowling was brilliant in fact.  But you won’t hear me singing his praises until the series is won and the Ashes back where they belong. Until then, Johnson has a lot to prove – to himself and to us, the Aussie cricket faithful. So keep it up son, and let’s see you do it again in Melbourne and Sydney. If you don’t we’ll reserve the right to stick to our opinion – that you, sir, are a molly-coddled one-show pony.